Hi Team,

Our requirement is to show the tool-tip on hover of the checkbox column in the grid. We tried the way suggested in the below URL http://forum.tryfoexnow.com/osqa/questions/3096/how-do-i-add-tooltips-to-grid-cells-to-show-all-the-cell-data-on-hover But we are unable to achieve this. Replicated the same in the below URL http://demo.tryfoexnow.com/apex/f?p=143:1

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Priya

asked 12 Oct, 06:45

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You cannot use a HTML expression on a checkbox column, since there is an automatic column renderer that is created for you to show the checkbox, however the HTML expression overrides this. This is the reason why it is not supported. To achieve your requirement you need to add a custom renderer as follows e.g.

"renderer": /**/ function(value, metaData) {
   return '<div class="x-grid-checkheader ' + ((value) ? 'x-grid-checkheader-checked' : '') + '" data-qtip=" ' + metaData.record.get('TOOL') + '">&nbsp;</div>';

alt text


answered 12 Oct, 08:16

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Thanks a lot...That really works... But If my checkbox is unchecked it is not required to show the tooltip. Can you help me in this?

(12 Oct, 08:23) Priya Priya's gravatar image

If you don't need to show the unchecked checkbox then use this code:

"renderer": /**/ function(value, metaData) {
   return (value) ? '<div class="x-grid-checkheader x-grid-checkheader-checked" data-qtip="' + metaData.record.get('TOOL') + '">&nbsp;</div>' : '<div class="x-grid-checkheader">&nbsp;</div>';

answered 12 Oct, 08:41

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edited 12 Oct, 08:44

Actually I want to show the unchecked checkbox but not the TOOLTIP for that unchecked checkbox.

(12 Oct, 08:47) Priya Priya's gravatar image

this is what the code actually does, we did not update your test case before, but we have now.

(12 Oct, 10:00) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

ya its working.... Thanks for your kind help

(13 Oct, 01:11) Priya Priya's gravatar image
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