Hi, in Foex Action Set Items I can chosse "Set Session State", but it seems that this have no effect.

alt text Neither for Items on the same Page

alt text and nor for Child-Page-Items.

Controlling Session State the Target-Items stays without value.

Is there something wrong with this property or must I do something more to get value set in session state?

Thanks in advance


asked 10 Oct, 04:06

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Eveline Merches
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Please create a test case on trial.tryfoexnow.com so we can investigate your setup.

(10 Oct, 04:12) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

Thats not possible. Its a very complex structured Page. Where you adviced me to use contentloader as often as possible.I trie it in the Testserver you have access to. App 102, Page 60. Region "Liste" should set P5_ID_BTL when grid change row, and then refresh the contenloader region BTL_DATA.

(10 Oct, 04:30) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image

You used the wrong dynamic action, to store a Grids cell value into a Page Item you have to use FOEX Grid Row/Cell Select Set Item Values.
We have updated your test case on your virtual machine.

The Content Loader you are addressing was setup to "Reload Contents" on APEX refresh -> in your case this should be changed to "Trigger Contents Refresh". We changed this for Btl_Data region, this may also be suitable for the other content loader regions

Important: If you set the value of a hidden item, which should be used by a subsequent action, you have to take care about that the value is set before the subsequent action is executed.
In your case, the refresh of the Content Loader region should be triggered by the On Change event of the hidden item that is used for the drill down (P60_IDBTL_DRILL)

What we did:

  1. Corrected the Dynamic Action on Region Liste alt text

  2. Changed the setting of the Content Loader Region alt text

  3. Moved the refresh of the Content Loader region to the "On Change" Event of the hidden item P60_IDBTL_DRILL alt text


answered 10 Oct, 06:21

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Okay, thank you. Whats the reason that FOEX action Set Items doesn'nt work after row select? Now Session state isn't set, too, but it works. Looking in the sessions value the DRILL-Item has no value, but the real value was correctly transfered to the target page. There is many I do not understand really.

Thnaks so far.



answered 10 Oct, 07:33

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Eveline Merches
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We will consider a future enhancement to the "FOEX Action" -> "Set Items" that when used within an event that passes a row record it will perform column substitutions.

(10 Oct, 16:23) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
  1. To reference a grid cell's value you have to navigate through the DOM tree and locate the Grid, then locate the record and inside the record the desired cell. If this is done you can read the value of the cell.
    The FOEX Utils Set Item Action is an advanced replacement of the APEX Set Item and can handle Page Items only. The FOEX Grid Row/Cell Select Set Item Values does all the work to get the value of the right cell.

  2. The session state must not be set because you already used the #-notation for the value of P5_ID_BTL (see screenshot 2)
    Using the #-notation always substitutes the client value of an item

  3. If you look into session, you can see only submitted values for items, independently of their current value on the client.
    To check the client value you can do a console.log('page-item-name: '+$v('page-item-name')); in a Dynamic Action. To view the output open the browsers console at runtime.
    We added such a DA at the On Change Event of P60_IDBTL_DRILL hidden item.


answered 10 Oct, 08:12

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edited 10 Oct, 08:14

That make some things a little bit clearer. Thank you. I will try some usecases with this and hope I will get it. Point 3 is a very needful tipp!

(10 Oct, 09:25) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image
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