We have developed dynamic form and we have security system and want to integrate both.

Security system currently providing security otherwise,regions wise.

For Example if we have user1,user2 and region1 ,we can restrict the user1 to access that region1 and user2 not to access.

same thing if we want to apply for the dynamic form but here problem is we have only one region and all template configuration has done in config table.

if we are restricting access to the user1 and he was not able to access all templates in configuration but we want user1 to acceess only template1 in configuration and user2 to access template2 in configuration.

Kindly advise how to implement the security for dynamic form.

Regards, Subhash

asked 04 Oct, 06:19

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You will need to add security fields to your config table i.e. perhaps in the form of a foreign key constraint that links to a template table which defines these security attributes. You would then add a condition in your config SQL WHERE clause to restrict the data returned based on the current user logged in.


answered 04 Oct, 07:02

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We want to restrict the regions to the particular and not the data and already having the security system which will restrict region wise,item wise per user.

we are not creating any security related attributes on any table,we are capturing the region static id's and restricting the regions user wise.

Same thing we would like to implement for Dynamic form.

Can you please advice on this.

Regards, Subhash


answered 04 Oct, 23:47

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Ok to confirm are you using a region authorization or condition on the dynamic form region?

(05 Oct, 02:33) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
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