Dear FOEX Team,

Is it possible to show the number of records in a grid without pagination(on header part of the grid). If yes, please advise.

Regards, Nazeer Ahamed

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We currently don't have an option for this but you can set this up manually. The steps are:

  1. In the grid's FOEX Config dialog set "Hide Pagination to "Yes" e.g.

    alt text

  2. Add a FOEX layout region and set your grid as a child region

  3. Create a toolbar region as a child region and set the "Position" in the settings to "Bottom"

  4. Add a Button and FOEX Display Item to the toolbar. For the button label set it to "->" and make sure the display sequence is lower than the page item. This will right align the page item.

    alt text

  5. Create a dynamic action which uses the "After Refresh" event on your gris and uses a regular APEX "Set Value" action which is based on the following Javascript Expression:


(function() {
    var store = ( &&;
    return (store) ? store.count() + ' of ' + store.getTotalCount() : '';

alt text

Here is how it should look:

alt text


answered 02 Oct, 04:21

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