Dear Foex-Support, can we able to change the CRUD Operations dynamically in Foex Form Region / Foex Grid Region?

Example: after changed the value of the item, if i want to make a region as readonly/Insert only allowed/Update only Allowed/Delete only allowed / all.

page_item - value
p100_allowed_operations I - Insert Allowed
p100_allowed_operations D - Delete Allowed
p100_allowed_operations A - ALL Operations Allowed


asked 12 Sep, 04:50

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edited 13 Sep, 06:05

This is not currently possible server side. We are providing an enhancement in v3.1 of FOEX, you will be able to use a PLSQL Expression to return a colon delimited list of allowed operations e.g. "CREATE:UPDATE"

Please see the conditional editing demo on page 1110 and 1120 in our documentation application, on how to use conditional editing capabilities client side.


answered 12 Sep, 06:04

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edited 12 Sep, 06:07

Thanks for your valuable comments, we required component level access permission. ? i have to restrict CRUD Process to the particular component (Grid / Form)

(13 Sep, 04:22) SKR SKR's gravatar image
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