I have a problem and hope you can help me out. In my Dokument-Page I have a grid on the left and an editable Form on the right bound by Master Detail. Inspite of changing a column or not, when pressing the save-button ORA-20001 appears. alt text This was working fine before and I don't know the reason why it stopped now. In Foex-Workspace I have a similar page which works. I try some changes on the form to get rid of this error. I change all Sources from Database Column to null except of the Primary key field and the Document-field. No effect (as you can see in the Screenshot above). The save-buttons action is FOEX Forms UPdate-Action.

In Debug mode I can see the error but not the cause. In the screenshot you can see that P901_ID_DOC (the primary key field) appears twice first set to null (?) then filled with 12819. alt text

When starting the page there is an error in the console, I couldn't interpret:

alt text

I have no idea what I can do to find my mistake.

FOEX: V2.2.0.3137, Apex: Google Chrome, Windows Ultimate

Thanks in advance.


asked 29 Aug, 03:01

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Eveline Merches
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We can confirm that this is due to having a display image on the page and is caused by the hot fix: HFXP-3137.

We suggest that you download v2.2.1 from the support portal and upgrade to this version.


answered 29 Aug, 07:41

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Thanks, I will try.

(29 Aug, 09:42) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image

I have installed FOEX 2.2.1 and all works fine, no mistakes in the page. 2 days gone.

Thanks for helping.

(29 Aug, 11:05) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image
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