Hi Matt,

We have upgraded our instance to FOEX v2.2.0 with Apex 5.0.4. The pages that were working fine with v2.1.1 are breaking. Following are the issues that we are facing:

1.)This was there in the comments , but we dont have anything like comments at column level in report in v2.1.1


alt text

2.)Values are not getting saved in the grid that are setting using Javascript. For e.g. something like this. this.data.record.set("INDICATORS",'YYYYYYYYYNNNNNNNNNNN'); I will try to replicate in demo instance and let you know.

Both the issues are through out the application. Please let us know on this.

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We have replicated the 2nd scenario in


(21 Aug, 09:14) Rebecca Rebecca's gravatar image

The first issue is caused by a problem during the upgrade. Due to changes in APEX 5 meta data we had to move Report Column Defaults to the FOEX config section. To do this we needed to update the meta data in the APEX repository. To fix this particular issue you will need to run an update either logged in as the APEX schema or as SYS/SYSTEM

SET COLUMN_COMMENT      = regexp_replace(column_comment, 'ext\$\{\s*('||CHR(10)||'|'||CHR(13)||')?\s*\,("fxDefaultExpression\".*)$', 'ext${\2', 1,0,'n')
WHERE REGEXP_INSTR(COLUMN_COMMENT, 'ext\$\{\s*('||CHR(10)||'|'||CHR(13)||')?\s*\,\"fxDefaultExpression\"') > 0

We are investigating the javascript issue.


answered 21 Aug, 11:04

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Thanks, please let us know on the second issue.

(22 Aug, 08:31) Rebecca Rebecca's gravatar image

For the 2nd issue you need to make sure you have set the appropriate column editor for security purposes e.g.

alt text


answered 23 Aug, 07:38

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That was just a test case to show that value was getting set but not getting saved. In the scenario in our application, it is an hidden column

(23 Aug, 08:48) Rebecca Rebecca's gravatar image

That information would have been helpful when posting the test case. We will investigate again.

(23 Aug, 09:02) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

It appears that there was a new security restriction which require hidden columns to provide a default value if they are to become editable, in your case you will need to add a default value

in APEX 5.0 you call add a default PLSQL expression of NULL e.g.

alt text

in APEX 4.2 the following will work

alt text


answered 23 Aug, 09:19

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Thanks Matt. We have this scenario in almost every page in our application and fixing this through out the application may be time consuming. Can there be any other way/hot fix for this.

(23 Aug, 09:41) Rebecca Rebecca's gravatar image

You will have to update the meta data, however it is not known which hidden fields need to be made editable, so you would need to make then all editable.

It would be easier to do this before upgrading, are you able to perform the upgrade again?

(23 Aug, 10:36) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

Hi Matt,

Reg the update statement provided for issue 1, my understanding is it need to be updated on the upgraded instance(FOEX v2.2.0 with Apex 5.0.4).

The reason for asking this is, our DEV application is still on Apex 4.2 and FOEX v2.1.1,so assuming this script needs to be part of the patch to the customers. Or will it work as expected if we run this script on apex 4.2 and FOEX v2.1.1 and import the pages to the upgraded instance.

(30 Aug, 08:13) Rebecca Rebecca's gravatar image

Please raise a support ticket at support.tryfoexnow.com and request an updated version of the script. As stated all hidden columns in grids will have to have this PLSQL Expression defined.

We will be able to supply the script in an updated v2.2.1 release.

(30 Aug, 10:23) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image


This is regarding the 1st issue regarding comments section and update statement i have mentioned about is the below which you have already provided.

UPDATE &APEX_SCHEMA..WWV_FLOW_REGION_REPORT_COLUMN SET COLUMN_COMMENT = regexp_replace(column_comment, 'ext${s('||CHR(10)||'|'||CHR(13)||')?s,("fxDefaultExpression".)$', 'ext${2', 1,0,'n') , COLUMN_DEFAULT_TYPE = NULL , COLUMN_DEFAULT = NULL WHERE REGEXP_INSTR(COLUMN_COMMENT, 'ext${s('||CHR(10)||'|'||CHR(13)||')?s*,"fxDefaultExpression"') > 0

(30 Aug, 10:32) Rebecca Rebecca's gravatar image

Yes if you open a support ticket we will provide this updated version in the updated 2.2.1 release which will be automatically applied when you upgrade from v2.1.1 to v2.2.1. We will also provide a manual script to address issue 2.

Please create the support ticket, so we can resolve your issue.

(30 Aug, 10:48) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
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