In what directory do you go to in order to create custom templates for CKEditor?

asked 10 Aug, 13:23

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The default.js file is in the images folder under foex/lib/ckeditor/plugins/templates/templates/


answered 11 Aug, 05:26

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We don't find default.js in that directory structure (foex/lib/ckeditor/plugins/templates/templates/) but we do find it in foex/server/lib/ckeditor/plugins/templates/templates. We made changes to default.js and bounced APEX and the change did not appear. Is there a way to create/edit custom templates from the client side?

(11 Aug, 10:50) bbiete bbiete's gravatar image

Could you please run this in your console: CKEDITOR.plugins.getPath("templates")+"templates/"; Do you have a default.js in this directory? (if not, try to create it with a custom template)

(11 Aug, 12:01) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

What console are you referring to?

(11 Aug, 14:35) bbiete bbiete's gravatar image

We are referring to the "console" in your browsers developer tools.

You may need to do a hard browser refresh for the changes to take effect. If you are using chrome please open developer tools and click the "Disable Cache" checkbox e.g.

alt text


answered 15 Aug, 02:01

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