Hello everybody,

I face this issue, when I try develop Apex calendar at Foex page. The issue that is when I open the calendar page, the calendar doesn't appear. I have to click on calendar views or navigation button to display it.

It is shown like this.


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We recommend that when using the calendar you use this on a regular APEX page, and load it into a FOEX page using the content loader dynamic action or content loader region.

This is due to the fact that some APEX component don't take into account being shown in parent regions which resize on page initialization and so their rendering/resizing functions are called before the foex page could set up its layout.

If you really need to display this region in a foex page you could do manually something like:

  1. Set up a DA on the Viewport - After render
  2. True action should be APEX - Execute JS
  3. Add this JS $('#CALENDAR_calendar').data('fullCalendar').render();

The above javascript assumes you are using 'CALENDAR' as the region's static ID.


answered 10 Aug, 11:04

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Thank you for help. I have use these tips, but I chose Foex layout - tap change at center pane and it's work probably.

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