as you supposed here I tried to start a APEX-Page with an Interactive Grid from a FOEX-Menue starting pages in a contentloader region. The page does not start. Neither stand alone nor via contentloader. I see the "FOEX loading page layout"-Symbol spinning. I retry in FOEX-Trial with a Interactive Report in an APEX page. FX_WS_1864, App 246, page 700 starts the menu. The very last entry shall start the Apex Page.

What must I do, to get this work?

best regards


asked 31 Jul, 06:44

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Eveline Merches
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We have previously suggested that you create an interactive grid on a regular APEX page i.e. no FOEX components are on this page.

You will set the page template e.g. to "Minimal (No Navigation)" however this will still show the top toolbar of APEX, so we suggest copying this template and removing the header within the template i.e. remove this section

<header class="t-Header" id="t_Header">

Here is an example of opening an interactive grid (defined on a regular APEX page i.e. no FOEX) in a FOEX Window

alt text


answered 01 Aug, 04:35

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That works. Thnaks.

(01 Aug, 04:46) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image

You try to open an APEX Page (page 12) inside a FOEX application, so the page template of this APEX page must not be a FOEX-Template.
The theme default template of a FOEX application is FOEX Page so you have to chose a different one e.g. Minimal (No Navigation) or create an own one.
We have updated your test case.


answered 31 Jul, 07:31

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Hmmmh, there a two Buttons "Create FOEX Page" and "Create Page" the second should create an Apex Page not a FOEX Page. That is confusing very much. I try and it works as you described, but now a new blue FOEX-Bar appears on this Site which now is no FOEX-Page or isn't it?

How to get rid of this?

Thanks for your efforts.


(31 Jul, 08:24) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image

You have two possibilities to display the APEX Interactive Report:

  1. Create a FOEX page and put your IR beneath a Layout Region
    (e.g. Center Pane - we did that in your test case in page 13 - this is now the last menu entry)
    When using a FOEX page there is a little overhead by loading the javascript libraries which are necessary for FOEX components

  2. Create an APEX page and set the page template to:
    a non FOEX Template and other than Theme Default (=FOEX Page)
    create an own page template to remove e.g. the Header that is included in the APEX page templates
    This solution allows only pure APEX components and Dynamic Actions on this page!


answered 01 Aug, 02:10

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My goal was to create a page with an interactive Grid. This doesn't work within a FOEX-Page. In your Trialworkspace I cannot show, because of the lower version of APEX. So I use Interactive Report instead of IG. To use an APEX-Page was what you recommend in another Post.


(01 Aug, 03:06) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image
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