One other option I'm looking for is a way to prevent a desktop window from closing. Turn off the upper-right 'X'. Is there a way I can do this, based on a page item value?

asked 28 Jul, 13:37

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Do you mean a window, which you open based on the query you defined in the desktop plug-in?
Best is you create a short test case in your trial workspace to clearly understand your needs.

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Nope...the window is a desktop environment window. No query, though there is a couple of grids and content loaders. I just need a way to turn off the 'X' part in a desktop window. I'm thinking there is no way to turn that off based on an item on the page? This is very similar to the tab problem I posted. We are trying to close holes where our clients aren't saving their data before they close the window.

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You can add the following additional window config when your desktop is based on an existing APEX list e.g.

alt text

Or when your desktop is based on a SQL Query then using the CUSTOM column e.g.

,      pid
,      text
,      url
,      display_seq
,      css_class
,      info
,      '"closable":false'  AS custom
,      widget_id
,      shortcut
,      shortcut_icon
,      quicklaunch
,      width
,      height
,      window_plugin_id

answered 01 Aug, 04:41

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I'm sorry...I guess I was not clear at all. I wanted to programmatically turn the close off when the window was already open based on an item in the window environment.

(01 Aug, 10:20) walkerdog walkerdog's gravatar image

The ideal solution is to listen to the "beforeclose" event on the window and cancel the event ( if there are pending pages on your page.

This however is not straight forward and requires that you write some javascript to locate the window widget e.g. Ext.getCmp('WINDOW_ID').on('beforeclose',function() { ... code goes here ... }); and add a listener and use the cross page technique which we described in this post:

(01 Aug, 10:57) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
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