are there exepriences about Google Chrome to increase the starting time of pages? I have build a small example on FX_WS_1864, Page 700, which starts a Menu-Page. In there you can test the two Entries: "Gemeinden -I-" and "Gemeinden -II-". Both start the same simple page (a 4 Column-Grid with form in a window, which starts e.g. by pressing "ändern"-Button). In Firefox you can start the Pages as often as you want and it will take about 4 seconds to start (which is long for a 4 Column-Grid). In Google Chrome only the first start needs 4 seconds, further starts will increase starting time up to 10 or more seconds.

Do you know, whether we must change some properties of the browser?

best regards


asked 26 Jul, 06:18

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Eveline Merches
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Thank you for the test case. We cannot quite reproduce it, although we see a small variance in the time (which may have a lot reasons - including how different browsers handle iframe destructions, gc, etc.). Have you debugged it more? How exactly are you measuring the time? What is your start reference point?

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We start the test by clicking first "Gemeinden -I-" and then start "Gemeinden -II-", after that start "Gemeinden -I-" and so on. I count the seconds, but my chief measured the time by a time-clock. We have this behaviour on our Development-environment (virtual machine) also as on FOEX-Trial-Workspace (local Notebook Browser).


(27 Jul, 04:56) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image

We have not seen any time increase for closing/opening tabs in Chrome. You should open developer tools to identify the delay.

To explain the design of FOEX, we load each APEX page of your app within an iframe. This is to ensure that standard APEX functionality works alongside FOEX. From a timing perspective there is a bout a 1sec overhead on adding an iframe to a HTML page. To give you a breakdown of your page in terms of where the time is being spent we have annotated your grid page e.g.

alt text

Whilst your page is simple, the majority of the time is spent initializing the Ext JS javascript library and HTML rendering, granted using this framework does incur some overhead on page render. In this example about 2.5secs. Initially 700ms is spent on the database with the APEX engine generating the page dynamically. Data is fetched independently of the page as we use a lazy loading approach i.e. we only load what is visually seen on the page. From a database performance point of view, less than 1sec is spent to render the page. The rest is happening on the client i.e. their browser.

Granted an FOEX page will take longer to render than a standard APEX page, but the recommended design of a FOEX app should keep this page loading to a minimum and reuse open pages. So this loading overhead is much less frequent than constantly loading regular APEX pages.

We are investigating ways where we can boost page performance


answered 31 Jul, 04:05

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