Hi, I have build a complex, not editable Page with FOEX 3.01, Apex 5.1, Ora 12.2.. It looks like: alt text

Starting this page will last 25 sec with "loading" and ~15 sec with "FOEX loading page layout". I think its due to the many regions I need for this Page. If so, we must know how many regions is the limit for a performant Page. Or are there some tipps to make the page start quicklier?

Thanks in advance.


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We can say that this depends on your design and choice of plugins, and performance of your infrastructure. Grids and Forms are the most time intensive plugin regions for rendering, so having many of these on the page will affect page rendering.

If this page is kept open for the entire duration of a persons session then you will incur the loading overhead only once. For some people this is Ok and not entirely different to opening an application on your desktop which also will take some time to load an open.

Identify where most of the time is being spent

First you should check where the majority of the time is being spent. Put the page in APEX debug mode with developer tools open. Check the APEX Debug output and see how long the page takes to be generated on the server. Perhaps a low time points to the problem being elsewhere or perhaps query performance.

Next check the network tab in developer tools to see how long files are being loaded, maybe you haven't setup web server caching correctly e.g. enabled compression and expire headers for caching.

FOEX Caching

You can consider enabling caching under "Shared Components" -> "Component Settings" -> "FOEX Application Settings" which will speed up page rendering. By default all cachable regions will inherit this setting (but can be overriden it in their region settings)

Note: if you use conditions/authorizations based on values changing in session state across page loads then caching shouldn't be used for these regions. You should thoroughly test your application after enabling caching.

Breaking up Large Pages

We also suggest large pages are broken up into smaller pages using the content loader region plugin. This means that those pages will only be loaded if the tab is activated. Choosing this method will make interaction between regions more difficult since they must done across pages/iframes. This blog entry will give you some more insight on cross page communication with this design choice.

We suggest that non-active tabs on page render are content loader regions.


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Hi, I looked for the times my page need. But I couldn't interpret the informations in a clear manner.

First is the Debug-Output. alt text

To my call belong the first five ones (I guess).

The one with nearly 28 sec I took and filter the >17.000 Entries to them with more than 1 sec executiontime. 5 Entries were found: alt text

The 50 loops belong to a normal grid with many columns, bzw. the headers of this columns. (???)

Under network I see: alt text

And the detail of the green bar: alt text

All these informations make me more confused. Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance.



answered 17 Jul, 08:28

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Eveline Merches
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The APEX debug shows you the page render and 4 AJAX calls which fire on page load e.g. to load the data grids/forms.

The time to generate the page per the APEX debug is 27.73 secs, which correlates to the 27.74 secs you see the green bar for "Waiting (TTFB)"

Therefore the majority of the time is building the page. Please note that in debug mode the page will take longer to generate then when not in debug mode.

We suggest you look at FOEX Caching or using the content loader region plugin to break your big page into smaller pages.


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FOEX Caching is only for the customer, not in Developement. But I try changing Cache to Application level with no effect. If I break my page into several pages I cannot use the Master-Detail-Dynamic action and will ran into several other problems. But that is my problem.

The problem of our customer will be, that they will not get an application for overviewing their data in a comfortable way, as they are familiar with our Forms-Tool. I wonder if they will accept this - they are skeptically.


(17 Jul, 12:00) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image

We are surprised that caching had no effect. Please point us to a test case on our trial site and we will investigate.

You can build master details with content loader regions, but you do this manually, using page items and "FOEX Action" -> "Set Items" selecting "Child Pages" on master row selection and then refresh the content loader region.

The master detail plugin was introduced in v2.2.0 to simplify the setup, but master details were possible before this.

If you require assistance, please create a test case on our trial site and we will help you with the design.

(18 Jul, 04:35) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

I needed some months to create the page as it is. In my FOEX-trial Workspace I haven't the suitable database-structure to simply import my test-application. To build a sample database and then rebuild the whole page there is unallowed due to my timetable. So I will stuck here.

(18 Jul, 04:46) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image

You do not need to re-create it as is, just some parts of it, and we are pretty sure you have something already there in the trial environment as a starting point.

What we are trying to do is help you with design, not recreate your entire solution.

(18 Jul, 05:36) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

I am pretty sure you want to help me. For now I do not know, how I can do the needable things for this support. But I am working on this.

(18 Jul, 08:02) Eveline Merches Eveline%20Merches's gravatar image
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