I have an interesting problem. I have been trialling an iPad application called "scan to web" to enable the user to scan a barcode with the ipad. This works well with a standard APEX page, but with FOEX I get into a funny situation.

The text field when rendered is given the name "f01" moreover, there is an additional HIDDEN field also given the name "f01"

When I scan a barcode (ABC1234), the hidden field get the result because it is first in the HTML DOM.

<input id="R73954431199236516_FORM_MD5_CHECKSUM-inputEl" type="hidden" role="" size="1" name="f01" class="x-form-field x-form-hidden" autocomplete="off" value="ABC1234"> <input id="P1_NEW-inputEl" type="text" role="" size="1" name="f01" class="x-form-field x-form-text" autocomplete="off" data-errorqtip="" style="width: 100%;">

Scan to Web uses the name property/attribute and not the ID. They did this because they had numerous support incidents where ID was used and not the name, then when the form was submitted, the barcode result was not saved. They made the decision to use the name because it was assured that would get saved somewhere.

Anyway would you have a suggestion for me how I could deal with this issue using FOEX.

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Thanks for reporting, we are investigating the issue.

(17 Feb, 01:56) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

It is not currently possible to overwrite the "name" for the form item. We will have to introduce a change to support this. If this is required please make a request via our support portal: https://support.tryfoexnow.com

Otherwise please use a regular APEX Form to achieve this.


answered 17 Feb, 06:10

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I have contacted the developer of the app for iOS and asked if they could possibly make a version where you can configure to use either the name or the id. As they used to initially use the id I thought that might be a solution. The good news is that they said that would be feasible and will look how they can fit it into their development schedule. They will then try to release it in one of the next versions. I have investigated a few apps (there are only a few), but this one "scan to web" from Berry Wing LLC is imo the nicest one.

(20 Feb, 16:46) Ray Ray's gravatar image
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