I have an accordion region containing two sub regions, "header" and "details". By default header is displayed. I want to display "details" when it is an existing record (header has data) and display "header" when it is a new record. The accordion is displayed in a Content Loader. What event do I need to use to handle this.

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This can be done by a conditional dynamic action. For example if both your header and details are both grids you can perform the following:

First define a STATIC_ID for the regions if not already done. (e.g. HEADER and DETAILS)

Important: The Event for the dynamic action must not be Page Load!
Because data is loaded via Ajax after page load.

(Ext.getCmp('HEADER').getStore().count() > 0)

FOEX Utils - FOEX Actions - Expand

True action expand DETAILS
False action expand HEADER

This example is based on a button click: alt text  
alt text

Alternatively if your "header" is a form you would simply change the javascript expression to check the value of the primary key page item for the form.


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Thanks for this. My page with HEADER and DETAILS is loaded with Content Loader. I need to do it somehow after the data is loaded, I tried events like "form load succes" etc, but that does not work. It works from a button, but that is not a feasible solution. Is it at all possible?

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We need to understand your setup, so please create a test case and we will assist you with the solution.

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