Is there a way to "untick" columns in the search menu via the plug-in somehow on page load.

alt text

So it looks like this by default

alt text

asked 01 Feb, 22:53

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Create a dynamic action that listens tot he event "FOEX Grid - After Render" and define a grid search action that sets the columns you want to search e.g.

alt text

Note: please ensure you set "Execute Search" to "Yes" as there is a bug in v2.2.0 which raises a javascript otherwise. We are fixing this issue. When setting this to "Yes" and using a blank search value the grid will not be refreshed since there is no search value.


answered 02 Feb, 03:17

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Thank you for the solution. It almost works as you say. Leaving the search text blank however still refreshes the grid and brings back everything. There is simply no "where" condition. I also have set "Loading Grid Data" to Load on Demand, but that has no influence as expected. I do have a little workaround. I enter in the field "Search Text" a ?. That stops it from bringing back data for the moment until the fix.

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