In a FOEX application, we have several Form Fields where we have to communicate the meaning of the NULL value to an end user. For example "Inherited from Master record". In order for this, we set "Display Null Value" to "Yes" and "Null Display Value" to the required explanation for the relevant form item plugin. In APEX, "Null Display Value" is defined as

Enter the text to be displayed within the list NULL option at the top of this list. This value also displays when rendering the item if the value is null. If you do not enter any text, it is displayed as a blank line in the list and a blank item when rendered.

For the following tests, we have set default values for The Combo and Popup LOV form items shown. Checkbox Combo, Combo Multiselect and Automcomplete are out of scope for this exercise.

There is an issue on Page Load which is also present onHFXP-2611.

After Page Load, the NULL values are now shown on some of the Form fields. They are in the LOV values, however, when you open the LOV.

alt text

On HFXP-2611, this can be rectified by Forms Reset:

alt text

On HFXP-2731, the behaviour on Page Load is the same. However, after Forms reset, or after saving a record, the "Null Display Value" still does not show when the field content is NULL, and the result is the same as before:

alt text

We have reproduced that in our APEX 5 workspace, App 268 Page 4004.

The expected behaviour is that the value for "Null Display Value" is always shown when the field contents are NULL: On Page Load, when selected from the LOV, or when a record fetched from the database has a NULL value in the appropriate field.

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Thanks for reporting, we are investigating.

(01 Feb, 06:45) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

Hi - any updates on this? Thank you.

(08 Feb, 04:43) Alex Alex's gravatar image

Hi Alex,
we confirm this as an issue and created a ticket for that.
We will fix it in the next HotFix.


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