I recently upgraded to Foex 2.2 (Apex 4.2.5 Oracle EPG) and the FOEX applications are in "Loading page layout..." stage and do not progress further. In debug mode, I get a 404 Not Found error on all foex files. Example: <title>404 Not found</title></head><body>

Not found

The requested URL /i/foex/js/foex.min.js was not found on this server</body></html> All foex files (in css, docs, ext, icons, images, js, lib) were copied over to the server under /i/foex. I also ran the script apxldimg.sql to load the images.

What am i missing? Thank you!

asked 31 Jan, 17:47

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This would usually indicate that the files have not been copied correctly.

If you are using the EPG (which we do not recommend, we suggest you use Tomcat/ORDS) then please make sure you follow this article to troubleshoot: http://daust.blogspot.fi/2008/04/troubleshooting-404-not-found-error-on.html


answered 01 Feb, 03:06

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Could you please elaborate on why EPG is not recommended? I need to provide this information to my DBA/Unix Admin. Thanks!


answered 01 Feb, 17:07

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Performance and scalability are the main reasons since every HTTP request e.g. image, file must be handled by the database. It is also more difficult to change settings and troubleshoot issues than a regular web server.

The ideal (free) setup we recommend is Apache reverse proxy in front of Tomcat using ORDS v3.x.

(02 Feb, 03:23) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
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