does apex 5.1 work with foex? If so, which versions? thanks

asked 22 Dec '16, 12:58

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Currently we do not support APEX 5.1 in any version since it has only just been released. In order to certify FOEX on a new release of APEX we require a downloadable version of APEX to install in our environments.

We will be releasing FOEX v2.2.1 in the near future to support APEX 5.1, and we are investigating whether it can be incorporated into FOEX v3.0.0 which is close to release, or whether it will be supported in FOEX v3.0.1.


answered 23 Dec '16, 08:39

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ok, great, I'm sure we will be notified when thats released. Any idea when you think that date will be around? thanks

(12 Jan, 10:45) gp999 gp999's gravatar image

is there any update information on when foex will support apex 5.1? Can you give us a estimate when your targeting a release date? thanks in advance

(27 Jan, 09:12) gp999 gp999's gravatar image

hi, congradulations on foex3 release. I look forward to using the new features. is there any word on when foex for 5.1 might be coming out. I'm getting alot of pressure to upgrade apex to 5.1 any word so we can make plans would be much appreciated. thanks


answered 04 Apr, 14:41

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We are working on APEX 5.1 support for the upcoming FOEX v3.0.1 patchset.

(05 Apr, 01:07) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image


do you know when this patchset will be released? We still use apex 5.1 and are not able to install FOEX there.

Kind regards, Christian

(18 Apr, 09:32) Christian86 Christian86's gravatar image

We are aiming for the 3.0.1 release in late May, pending no delays.

(18 Apr, 09:47) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
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