Per the Documentation this event fires on "This event fires after a grid combo selection has been made." We were hoping this would actually mean an actual selection from the grid combo values; however it also fires when we refresh the page item (in this case, we do that when date ranges changes to ensure the LOV items are still valid), without the grid combo open. Is there another event suitable for what we want to achieve, and what differentiates this event from the "After Change" Event?

asked 20 Dec '16, 10:16

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We are investigating.

(21 Dec '16, 02:32) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

We can confirm this is a bug, caused by the requirement to "Set Other Items" on page load when the underlying store is not loaded.

We will provide a fix in the next hot fix release.

(21 Dec '16, 05:09) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

Thank you!

(06 Jan, 13:48) Alex Alex's gravatar image

The fix has been provided in HFXP-2731


answered 23 Jan, 11:53

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