In Apex 4.2 and FOEX 2.1 using a LOV on a column had the behavior that when the value of the column was not in the list it would display the column value.

In APEX 5 and FOEX 2.2 and latest patch (2611) if the value of the column is not in the list it displays null/nothing. Is this expected changed behavior or a bug?

I actually rely on the behavior in one of my screens to show display the value of the column when the value is not found in the list.

asked 02 Dec '16, 07:24

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What type of LOV are you using? Standard LOV or Popup LOV?

(02 Dec '16, 07:41) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

Popup LOV.

(02 Dec '16, 07:57) Ray Ray's gravatar image

I tested all 3 options, Popup LOV, Popup Key LOV and Select List. All have the same behavior. If the value is not in the list nothing is displayed until you click in the field.

(02 Dec '16, 08:01) Ray Ray's gravatar image

Are you able to point us to your test case?

(02 Dec '16, 08:17) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

demo ground app 301, page 40. I have excluded New York (NY) from the LOV. Customer Fiorello LaGuardia has now state blank.

(02 Dec '16, 08:48) Ray Ray's gravatar image

It turns out that there was a change between APEX 4.2 and 5.0 which removes the "Display Extra Values" option for the LOV under LOV settings in Page Designer.

By default this value is NULL in APEX 5.0. Unfortunately we cannot fix this since it's an APEX builder imposed restriction. We will be changing this in v3.1 of FOEX when we introduce a new grid component which does not rely on the sub report region.

To workaround this problem for LOV columns which you wish to display extra values for you will have to either edit the report column through component view (since this setting is still available there) or directly update the meta data in the APEX backend table e.g.


Please note: if you choose the UPDATE option you will need to incorporate this into your build process since any change to the column in Page Designer will result in the value being reverted to NULL.


answered 25 Jan, 06:23

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Thank you for investigating. interesting that a APEX builder imposes this restriction, but you are able to circumvent it by updating the metadata. So the "runtime" will honour it still. I will look into option "A' as the best candidate. Updating the metadata is something easily overlooked.

(25 Jan, 08:02) Ray Ray's gravatar image
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