Dear Foex-Support, Can you help me to set dynamic selection in FOEX GRID based on Column Value of Page Item?.. I have tried with column row index with static value, then working. But try with column value is not working .. Please suggest me ...

Workspace : 1881 app id : 208 page id :201


Regards SKR

asked 27 Nov '16, 05:51

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We cannot find a dynamic action that uses the "Set column value on column change" action. Can you please create the dynamic action (with your attempt that is not working) and advise the name of it. We will then assist you with the solution.

(28 Nov '16, 03:15) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image

Dear Foex-support, i think you misunderstood my question, Please sorry for inconvenient happens... Let me Explain more elaborately now..

   Need to select a row by its Column Value(hidden_Column) in grid while refresh a grid region by using FOEX SELECT ROW BY COLUMN_VALUE Dynamic Action.


(28 Nov '16, 03:57) SKR SKR's gravatar image

The problem with trying to select a row using the value of the page item defined in the grid row settings to track the currently selected row, is that on row deselection the page item's value will be set to NULL. When the grid is refreshed the rows are deselected. This means that your dynamic action to select the row using the #P201_CASE_ID_DRILL# substitution can't select the row because the page item value is NULL.

However we think in this case the best action to take rather than using the dynamic action is to retain the selection on refresh using the following grid config option:

"fxRetainSelection": true

We have updated your test case with a working example. We suggest that you delete the row selection dynamic actions.


answered 28 Nov '16, 04:37

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Thanks.. Foex-Support ...

(28 Nov '16, 04:50) SKR SKR's gravatar image

now i have an issue to select the new record which is added recently?.. let me tell u briefly... i have one master page which shows all records in grid, and one button which will call another page to add new record, after added new record will be back to Master Page and automatically & navigate to recently added new Record? For that i have added one page item in master page and send back that latest record ID value to master page and wrote one dynamic action to select that new record with latest ID value.. but it seems not working properly? can you assist me ?? thanks Regards SKR

(01 Feb, 07:28) SKR SKR's gravatar image

Please create a new forum entry and reference this question in the new forum entry. Please do not update already answered questions.

(01 Feb, 07:51) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
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