I have a editable grid with a validation procedure on it. In the grid I have two fields that have similiar names (OF_ACCOUNT, OF_ACCOUNT_DESC).

OF_ACCOUNT is a Select List and OF_ACCOUNT_DESC is a Text Field and according to my business rules both should have values.

The odd behaviour is happening when I provide a value (by selecting a entry from the Select List) for the field OF_ACCOUNT and OF_ACCOUNT_DESC is empty I get in the frontend the red underline indicating that I need to provide a value for OF_ACCOUNT and OF_ACCOUNT_DESC even though OF_ACCOUNT has a value.

In the other hand when I provide a value for OF_ACCOUNT_DESC and OF_ACCOUNT it all works fine, as well if I would provide a value only for OF_ACCOUNT_DESC I would get the red underline only for OF_ACCOUNT.

We are on APEX v.5.0.0
We are on FOEX v2.2.0.2507

I have created a use case

Workspace: FX_WS_2126

asked 16 Nov '16, 14:54

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Erik Espinoza
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Thanks for reporting and providing the test case. We have identified the issue is caused by a regular expression pattern match for columns which have similar names when marking the cells invalid. This will not stop the row from being saved, it is purely a cosmetic issue.

We will provide a fix in the next hot fix release due out soon.


answered 17 Nov '16, 02:59

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this issue was introduced in v2.2.0.

(17 Nov '16, 04:28) FOEX-SUPPORT FOEX-SUPPORT's gravatar image
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