I am having problems launching new desktop windows from a tree residing within a desktop window. I turn "Stop Default Node Click Event" to YES, and I add a dynamic action TreeLeafClick -- FOEX Desktop New Window, with "Use URL from Triggering Element" = YES. It seems that the Tree query is not communicating the URL to the FOEX Desktop New Window plugin.

In your demonstration application, you don't have any examples exactly like this. I need some help with what I am doing wrong, please.

I have an example application built within the demo site. Application 699, start with page 10. 1) choose start button - progress note 2) west pane, navigation replace, click "page1" - this opens a new page replacing the page seen within the desktop window. This works as I expect. 3) west pane, navigation - new peer desktop window, click "page1" - this should open a new page as a peer desktop window. This does not work as I get a HTTP 404 - Not Found.

asked 01 Jul '13, 15:55

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A central theme of our application is being able to launch peer desktop windows from a west pane tree. Our application is supposed to be released in a month. Do you have any short term work-arounds or can you provide me a short term patch?

(02 Jul '13, 09:40) Chris Chris's gravatar image

You can use your support credits for a hot fix, we will look to provide one this week. I will contact you directly.

(02 Jul '13, 10:07) Matt Nolan Matt%20Nolan's gravatar image

Works great. Thank you very much.

(03 Jul '13, 15:19) Chris Chris's gravatar image

I can confirm that this is a bug. As you suspected there is an issue with the parameters passed through the click event.

I have logged a bug report and we are fixing this in development.


answered 02 Jul '13, 05:48

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Matt Nolan
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