I have got a grid with 2 date fields next to each other.

With Grid Change Detection Options set to "MD5 Check, Before DML, After DML" or "Before DML, After DML", if the user sets the second date field to the exact same value as the first date field, the value in the second date field gets reset to the previous value.

I would expect the second date field to be checked independent of the previous date field.

If the Change Detection Options is set to "No Checking", then the second date value gets stored even if it is the same as the first date value. Also a direct database update works fine, and I have checked for triggers..

I can always set the first value to the second value, this does not cause an issue.

I will forward some more debug data.

Please confirm as to whether you can identify the issue here.

asked 10 Jun '15, 13:28

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edited 11 Jun '15, 12:27

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Matt Nolan

This has been retested in FOEX 2.2 HFXP-2731 and is no longer an issue.


answered 01 Feb, 06:43

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I am confused by what you have written. Can you please explain using some example data for both date fields, including what they have been set to before saving, what is expected and what the actual result is for each scenario which you have a problem.

Also a test case would be appreciated on demo.tryfoexnow.com to confirm the issue is not because of your environment/setup.


answered 11 Jun '15, 03:01

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Matt Nolan
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The user to update a grid containing a start date and an end date column

The current data is

START_DATE END_DATE 01.01.2015 02.01.2015

She edits the grid and changes the end date to the start data

START_DATE END_DATE 01.01.2015 01.01.2015

once she presses "Update", END_DATE reverts to the previous value

START_DATE END_DATE 01.01.2015 02.01.2015

If I change the change detection options for the grid to "not checked" then after the update we see the expected result

START_DATE and END_DATE 01.01.2015 01.01.2015

(11 Jun '15, 07:09) Alex Alex's gravatar image

I have sent you a screencam and extracts of the server JSON DATA. I have set up a similar test case at our workspace page 60000 but it doesn't reproduce there.

(11 Jun '15, 07:10) Alex Alex's gravatar image
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