This did not occur in FOEX 1.2.x This does occur in FOEX 2.0.0 You can (kinda) see this behavior in DEMO SITE, APP 587, page 5 when you use the desktop menu to pick and launch a window (FOEX documentation - FOEX Form) wait for the window to complete loading go into the menu again, and you will see that the last menu choice is still "pressed" This will cause that item to not be able to be pressed unless something else is moused over (in the demo app the two parents are at the top) Our "setup" menu choice (With many children and grandchildren) is on the bottom of the menu, and if that is what you last chose, it is still "pressed" when you go into the menu again. This prevents choosing it again until you mouse over a different menu parent.

Maybe the menu is "remembering" what was last chosen, and leaving it pressed, thus causing the problem.



asked 04 Dec '14, 09:47

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edited 05 Dec '14, 09:40

Thanks for reporting we have filed a ticket for investigation.


answered 04 Dec '14, 10:58

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Matt Nolan
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any progress on this issue?

(17 Dec '14, 10:16) Chris Chris's gravatar image

We have logged the problem as a minor issue and plan to see if we can resolve in v2.0.1.

If you need it escalated and an immediate fix you will need to use your support credits.

(18 Dec '14, 04:44) Matt Nolan Matt%20Nolan's gravatar image

has this been corrected in 2.0.1?

(14 Mar '15, 22:51) Chris Chris's gravatar image

Can you please create a screen capture of the problem so we can confirm the behaviour you describe.

(15 Mar '15, 07:17) Matt Nolan Matt%20Nolan's gravatar image

see email with screen recording attached.

(15 Mar '15, 22:31) Chris Chris's gravatar image

Any progress on this issue?

(07 May '15, 09:57) Chris Chris's gravatar image

Unfortunately no, we haven't been able to get to the bottom of this...

(07 May '15, 10:14) Matt Nolan Matt%20Nolan's gravatar image
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