alt textIn FOEX 1.2.4, uncommonly a desktop window would open up very small (and constrained to the upper left corner of the desktop).

In FOEX 2.0.0, this also uncommonly happens, only the desktop window opens up so small as if its a dot in the upper left hand corner of the screen. At first we thought the desktop window did launch at all, as the only thing we could see is the task bar button. It opens so small, one cannot ever resize or move it.

We have never determined the cause, except we have multiple people using the same login, and we think that could be the cause.

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Matt Nolan

We would need a test case to be able to see what is wrong. Can you provide a screenshot and also the HTML page source for the desktop page.

That said the small size may be because you have not defined a size for your window or state saving is enabled and somehow the size saved is too small. In this case you would need to clear the state for the page to resolve.

We have logged a ticket for further investigation, but any additional info or test case you can provide would be appreciated.


answered 02 Dec '14, 03:53

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Matt Nolan
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Normally, a browser refresh and re-click the menu item brings the desktop window up the same page, except at the normal size. Next time it happens, I'll capture a screenshot and the HTML page source. So far, we have never determine what events will cause the issue to occur.

(02 Dec '14, 09:30) Chris Chris's gravatar image

I emailed screenshots directly to you.

(03 Dec '14, 10:10) Chris Chris's gravatar image

The "small window" issue has not occurred again, so that must have been contained within the first version of FOEX 2.0.0.

The issue where the desktop window does not appear on the desktop, but does display in the bottom toolbar, and it essentially stuck there forever still occurs. One must refresh the browser and try again is the only workaround. This commonly occurs when you are in the midst of changing a page. The specific page being changed will exhibit this behavior. It still does occur within a non-development environment, just not very often.

(17 Dec '14, 10:31) Chris Chris's gravatar image

We are unable to reproduce this behavior, when it occurs please check the console for a javascript error and please advise if it is a specific window or random. If you can advise a set of steps for it to occur that would be appreciated. When the problem does occur have you tried right clicking on the item in the bottom toolbar which will show a context menu with a close option?

(18 Dec '14, 04:39) Matt Nolan Matt%20Nolan's gravatar image

right clicking on the item in the bottom toolbar shows the context menu, but clicking on any of the options does nothing. I attached a screenshot with javascript console to the original question.

(19 Dec '14, 01:22) Chris Chris's gravatar image

Can you show the javascript console when in debug mode so that we can get the line number from the unminified javascript source.

Do you have any steps to reproduce this behaviour consistently?

(19 Dec '14, 03:20) Matt Nolan Matt%20Nolan's gravatar image

Also looking at the scrrenshot you should look at auto resizing your background image to fit the screen e.g. this might give you some CSS ideas

(19 Dec '14, 03:23) Matt Nolan Matt%20Nolan's gravatar image

Shane just emailed you a set of screenshots that shows the JS errors pretty well. Let us know.

(31 Dec '14, 11:31) Chris Chris's gravatar image
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